Cha Cha (4/4) Rumba (4/4)
Swivel and Cross Over 
Roll Away to Back Drop 
Surprise Break 
Triple Cha Cha Cha 
Rhythm Changes (A, B, C) 
Counter Zig Zag 
Kick Breaks 
Swivels to Pull Back 
Two Way Spot
Cuban Walk with Cross Overs 
Cross Overs 
Rhythm Changes (A, B, C) 
Roll Away (Aida) 
Snap Turn 
Cuban Walk with Underarm Turns 
Counter Promenade Chasse 
Shadow Breaks 
Spot Turns
Samba (2/4) Mambo (4/4)
Botafogo Combatuque 
Doble Vuelta 
Same Foot Com Pasos 
In and Out Runs 
Shadow Botafogos 
Debaixo Rolunda 
Classical Voltas 
Rolling of the Arm 
Paulista Hand to Hand
Closed and Open Box Steps (5 τρόποι)
Cross Over and Swivel
Swing Mambo
Promenade Swivels
Surprise Break
Double Spin Turn
Kick Tap
Whip Turns
Swivels to Pull Back
Half Time
Swing (4/4)  
Check and Pull 
Spin Whip 
Sailor's Shuffles 
Twin Cities 
The Wheel 
Banana Split 
Right Hand Wrap & Roll Out 
Imperial Break 
Whip and Freeze 
Whip and Arm Catch